Video Editing Q&A: 


We asked Sparks movie makers their questions about video editing. We answered them in a Q&A session with Dan (one of the founders and directors at Sparks). 

Take a look at the video below for info on how to create some special effects, including colour masking to achieve red eyes, and how to clone yourself on camera. He also gives suggestions on how to improve your video editing and advice on how to get the best from the software you’re using. 


“What’s the best editing software?” (00:30)

“How do I clone myself?” (02:10)

“What is your favourite editing transition? (04:25)

“How do I give my character red eyes?” (07:10)

“What is the number one thing I can do to make my editing better?” (16:29)

“How do I make it look like my footage is on a character’s screen?” (19:40)

“What do you find the hardest challenge when editing?” (23:31)

Softwares Detailed:

iMovie –

Final Cut Pro X –… – free trial available (on 16/05/2020) Adobe

Premiere Pro (for PC or Mac) –…

Dan Farrell is one of the founders and directors at Sparks, where he helps young filmmakers in London to produce their own movie masterpieces.

Dan is also author of The Movie Making Book: Skills & Projects to Learn and Share (available on Amazon here –