That’s a wrap on Day 3 of this week’s movie making camps!

Today has been an epic day of shooting, with all the movie makers starting work on filming their productions.

Sparks Movie Making Camps

There are movie makers in Studios 1-4 at nearly all the Sparks film schools. All the crews are making their own original and unique movie productions.

Their movies are all inspired by this holiday’s theme – a season of secrets, lies and tall tales.

After two days coming up with their stories and taking care of all their planning and preparation, it’s been fantastic to see them all get stuck in to bringing their stories to life!

Sparks Filmmaking for Kids

Throughout the day, the crews have been rehearsing and then shooting through their first scenes.

We help them to work just like a professional film crew, with each movie maker taking turns to direct, to shoot as part of the camera crew, to work as part of the production crew, and to star on screen in all their acting roles too.

They quickly learn it can take many ‘takes’ to get that perfect shot, with everyone working together to make sure each take is as good as it can be.

Sparks Filmmaking for Kids

The crews use many different camera angles for each scene, making sure to get plenty of coverage and to help tell their story effectively.

From watching the different studio groups today, we can see that they’re making good use of lots of different shot types. Throughout the day, we’ve seen lots of impressive close ups and lots of dramatic tracking shots.

Sparks Filmmaking for Kids

It’s been a busy and productive day, with the crews all feeling happy about their work so far. Some of the crews have started to edit their work today too.

There is still plenty more to shoot, so tomorrow they’ll be busy collecting more of their footage to finish their movie.

Sparks Filmmaking for Kids

We’re sending them all lots of luck, although from the brilliant work they’ve been doing today, we’re not sure they’ll need it!