Easter Camps – Registration is Open


This Easter holiday, we’re excited to welcome movie makers to a brand new series of movie making adventures!

We have three brand new creative Easter camps to get involved with.

There are movie making camps for ages 5-7, 7-11 and 11-14. Each Easter camp explores the idea of telling tall tales… from exploring the Pinocchio story to, maintaining secret spy identities and spinning webs of dramatic deceit.

Each movie making camp offers the chance to be creative, to have fun and to learn new skills.

Registration is open. Places are filling quickly, so if you’d like to join in, then we recommend booking ASAP.

Sparks: Easter Filmmaking Camps, Ages 5-7

Studio 1: Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Studio 1 movie makers (age 5-7) are set to explore the Pinocchio story and make their own adaptation. They’ll explore lots of different creative techniques to produce their movie. Activities will include filmmaking, animation and photography. They’ll also get stuck into lots of drama, arts and crafts and – of course – puppetry so they can bring us a feast for the eyes in their movie making.

Sparks: Easter Filmmaking Camps, Ages 7-11

Studio 2 & 3: Codename Confidential

Studios 2 & 3 (ages 7-9 and 9-11) are making a thrilling spy movie! They’ll explore lots of spy thriller techniques including plot twists, hidden identities and double-agenting. Movie makers will also have fun crafting some white-knuckle chase sequences. They’ll get stuck into all the fun conventions we love about spy movies and produce their own original and unique masterpiece.

Sparks | Movie Making Easter Camp for Teenagers | Ages 11-14

Studio 4: Web of Lies

Studio 4 movie makers (age 11-14) will be busy producing a twisty-turvy, deliciously deceptive mystery, full of suspense. This project explores lots of the ‘box-set’ style storytelling techniques associated with Scandinavian drama. They’ll look at intricate, inter-woven plotlines, where nothing is quite as it seems. Their movies will keep us all guessing right until the very end.

Face-to-Face & Online Easter Camps

There are face-to-face camps available (hooray!) and some online holiday camps to join in with too.

Most Sparks film schools are hoping to offer some movie making fun this Easter, with holiday camps available for ages 5+.

For details as to what’s going on where, take a look at your nearest location here.

We would love to welcome you along to take part.