That’s a wrap on Day 4!

Sparks Movie Making Camps

Movie makers taking part in this week’s Easter camps are knee-deep in their productions, with just one day left to go.

It’s been an action-packed few days, with movie makers developing their story ideas, working through pre-production and now shooting through most of their storyboards.

They are making great progress. They’ve now shot most of their footage and the crews have also started work on post-production.

Sparks Movie Making Camps - Easter

In ‘post-production’, filmmakers edit their footage. They select the best moments from all the takes, then sequence all the different clips into a timeline. This is both a creative and a technical process: the filmmakers have to be exact and detailed, but they also need to make lots of creative decisions that can influence how the finished film turns out. They need to consider how to pace their sequence, how often to cut between shots and how best to curate them to achieve the effects and impact they’re looking for.

Many of the studios have shot dramatic chase sequences, so this a great example of scenes that can change hugely depending on the pace and the rhythm of each cut.

Editing - Sparks Movie Making Camps

In the editing, they’ll also add in extra details and media. The filmmakers will consider their soundtrack. They’ll add in different music and different sound effects to add different textures and effects to their production. They’ll also add in editing staples like transitions, or visual effects.

There is still quite a bit to do until the films are ready. There are still the last scenes to shoot, editing to finish, and for the most ambitious crews, some interesting credit sequences to be made too.

On Friday, the crews will finish work on their movie masterpieces. It’ll be a race to finish and to make sure the movie reflects the vision they set out to achieve.

We’ll catch up with them again tomorrow and find out how their last day goes.