Easter Movie Making Camps – Day 2

The Easter Camp movie makers are making great progress on their productions today.

After a day of introductions and getting started yesterday, they’ve moved onto developing their ideas, pitching and pre-production activities. This is all the preparation work that happens on a film production before shooting begins.

Sparks Film School for Kids | Movie Making Easter Camp

The different crews are all exploring themes to do with telling tall tales and stretching the truth.

In small groups, they’ve been coming up with lots of initial story ideas, characters, plots and thinking how to portray this on screen. The crews have all been thinking hard about this and working towards some working scripts and storyboards.

Sparks Film School for Kids | Film Making Pre-Production

Earlier today, they pitched their ideas and decided on their favourites.

‘Pitching’ is a process where movie makers share their story idea and try to gain support from producers. In each of the Sparks studios, the young movie makers are the producers: they collaboratively decide on the ideas they want to include in their productions.

Now that they’ve settled on their story ideas, they refine and develop their plots, building them out into scenes and developing their characters and their dialogue. Screenwriting is a dramatic form, so it needs to be all about the action, we need to see the events unfold as they happen.

It’s also been a busy afternoon of ‘pre-production’ tasks. The crews have cast their movie, choosing who is going to play each part. They’ve also designed their costumes, researched their different filming locations and started to storyboard their movie in detail.

Sparks Film School for Kids | Storyboard for Film

The storyboard reflects the directors’ vision for the film. It maps out all the different camera angles that they’ll use and how they plan to sequence them. It becomes a visual plan of the whole film, which the movie makers can follow whilst shooting their movie.

Sparks Movie Making Camps - Storyboarding

Now that all the preparation is taken care of, from tomorrow they’ll begin shooting in earnest. For each of the crews, there is a lot to do. It’ll be a busy, action-packed day of getting as many scenes shot and wrapped as possible.

Everyone will take part, with each of the crew members taking on the role of director, camera crew, production crew and actors, to make sure every single shot looks as good as it can. It’s a big test of teamwork, but everyone has been working together brilliantly today so we have high hopes for all their productions.

We’ll update from behind the scenes again tomorrow!