It’s been a fun few days planning out all the details of our our upcoming October half term camps.

We’re definitely fans of a fun theme and October always lets us go a bit crazy with all the fun things we love about scary movies. 

Both filmmaking camps are going to feature fun production design elements for their sets, props and costumes. This week, we’ve been busy preparing the different workshop activities and researching lots of design inspiration. 

The Curse of the Forbidden Tomb: Ages 7-11


This time, we’re off on a ‘The Mummy/Tomb Raider’ inspired adventure in The Curse of the Forbidden Tomb (plenty of Indiana Jones moments in there too). We’ve been having a lot of fun figuring out some costume effects to include in the workshop, as well as some exciting visual effects too. We can’t wait to see how the young movie makers use this technique in their productions!

Oct Half Term Filmmaking

The movie makers will produce their own historical sets and props, following ancient styles of art work. We’ll be creating some Ancient Egyptian style tomb settings, with animals standing guard, as well as plenty of traditional style blue and gold designs. 

Oct Half Term

Over three days, the young filmmakers will explore these techniques in workshops. They’ll apply their own creativity to include them in their own short film.

The films are always based on the ideas of the young crews taking part, so we don’t quite know how the adventure will turn out, but we know it’s going to look great. We also know they’re going to do an amazing job in producing a movie that’s fun, original and has plenty of action and mystery! 

Project X: Ages 11-14

For older crews, we’re going to be taking a look at some mockumentary style filmmaking, as we follow some supernatural ghost hunters off a mission.

This project was inspired by a short film we saw a few years ago (we programmed it for our youth film festival event back in 2015) and we loved it. We couldn’t work out if it was real, or if it was fake, it kept us guessing all the way. We thought this would be a great technique to workshop in a half term, so we’re looking forward to seeing how the young crews taking part interpret it in their own work.

 In Project X, they’ll be telling unbelievable stories of the supernatural, but are they so far-fetched, they just have to be true? We don’t know either, but we can’t wait to find out!

Half Term - Low Angle Shots in Horror Movies

We’re going to explore using extreme dimension and low angles to create effects that shape the story. The filmmakers will explore creating imposing visuals and a sense of vulnerability using different camera rig setups.


Would you like to take part?

Now that we’ve gotten a bit carried away with the bandages and the shoulder mounts, we’re really excited to welcome filmmakers along in half term to join in with the fun and produce their own movies.

We’re trying to create as many fun memories as we can in 2020 – for all our young filmmakers, our team, and for us too. 

We’ll be welcoming young filmmakers for the first time to new Sparks schools in Enfield and in Walthamstow, so that will be really special. We also have these workshops running at our Balham, Dulwich, Hampstead and Highgate schools (all with plenty of safety measures), so there is plenty to get involved with.

If you’d like to take part, then we’d love to help you make some really fun scary movies!