Well done to all the Summer Shoots filmmakers once again, for all their amazing hard work and creativity in producing lots of fun ‘Transformation’ themed movie productions.

We were delighted to celebrate with you and announce the award winners with you all. 

You can watch a replay of the online awards presentation below. We announce all the finalists and the winners of awards including ‘Best Directing’, ‘Best Cinematography’ and ‘Best Transformation’. In the presentation, we celebrate all the technical and creative achievements of the filmmakers – and there was a lot of to cover! 

All the films were produced during five day Summer Shoots camps in the summer. Even making a film at all in summer 2020 feels like something to congratulate, so we’re very proud of all the filmmakers and all their incredible accomplishments. 

The films are all available to watch online, over on our YouTube channel, and you can also find a full list of winners below. 


Congratulations once again – we are very truly proud of each and every one of you! 

The team at Sparks 🙂  

The Finalists & The Winners… 

You can also find a full list of all the finalists and the winners below. 

The winning productions were chosen by a panel of judges from the Sparks workshop team, including Co-Founder and Director Dan Farrell. 

As Dan explains in the presentation, the judges were very impressed with lots of different creative and technical elements. Sometimes choosing the winner was a difficult decision, but there was a standout in every category. 


Best Script/Story

Winner: The Secret Treehouse

Finalists: In My Shoes, Switched

Best Production Design

Winner: The Princess and the Potion

Finalists: A Lunar Mystery, The Rose Ring

Best Cinematography

Winner: Who Dun It?

Finalists: In My Shoes, A Lunar Mystery

Best Directing

Winner: Switched

Finalists: Turned, In My Shoes

Best Ensemble Performance

Winner: Merged

Finalists: Switched, The Secret Treehouse

Best Editing

Winner: In My Shoes

Finalists: A Lunar Mystery, Switched

Best Transformation

Winner: Turned

Finalists: The Secret Treehouse, The Rose Ring

Best Special FX

Winner: A Lunar Mystery

Finalists: Turned, In My Shoes

Best Costume Design

Winner: The Rose Ring

Finalists: The Secret Treehouse, The Princess and the Potion

Members Choice Award – Voted for by Sparks Filmmakers 

Winner: Merged


Congratulations once again to all the winners! Thank you for making such fantastic films and for joining us this summer. We hope next year we’re able to celebrate in person once again, but for now, well done for 2020!