Phew – Lockdown 2 is Over!

If you’ve been following our social media posts, then you’ll know we’ve been running a creative Photo Challenge for the last four weeks.

Each day we’ve posted a quick photo brief. Each one offers some inspiration for taking photos and telling visual stories.

Well done to everyone who has been taking part in the photo challenge. An extra well done to everyone who has managed to complete all 28 photo briefs – no mean feat at all! 

We’re popping them all together as a collection here, in case you’ve missed any, or if you’d like to tackle the challenge as a whole. You can find our favourites, as well as some technical ones below. 

We’d love to see your photos. You can tag us on social media channels using #sparksathome. We’ll be able to find them there.


Our Photo Challenge Highlights:

Our favourite briefs have included:

Sparks Filmmaking - Photography for Kids Challenge

Frame Within a Frame

This challenge involves including a visual frame within the ‘frame’ of your photo. Examples include window frames, mirrors, bars or climbing frames, but the possibilities are endless.

Sparks Filmmaking - Photography for Kids Challenge

Extreme Closeup

This challenge involves getting up close to your subject to show a unique view, tight in the frame. We love how impressionistic this technique can become. It really allows you to tell story with shapes and with colour.

Sparks Filmmaking - Photography for Kids Challenge

Something from Your Parents’ Childhood

We loved this brief as it encourages sharing and conversation. (We also love nostalgic items, like cassette tapes, and floppy disks…)

Sparks Filmmaking - Photography for Kids Challenge

Negative Space

This is a great brief for thinking ‘outside of the box’ (perhaps literally). It’s a great way of paying attention to the things we often don’t notice or appreciate. It’s also great for channeling attention and directing a viewer.

Sparks Filmmaking - Photography for Kids Challenge

Different Textures

Workign with texture is a great way to bring images to life and evoke a sense of feeling. You can be really inventive with this brief – include contrast or celebrate and revel in interesting and lively textures. Try out different angles to add dimension and change the dynamics. This is a great one to explore and experiment.

Sparks Filmmaking - Photography for Kids Challenge

If Toy Story Was Real

We just love the fun and the creativity of this. It has great story potential, you can be really inventive and put your own spin on the classic. We found it a perfect challenge for having fun with your imagination.

Technical Challenges:

If you’re looking to focus on technical skills, then there are a few briefs which will help.

Take a look out for:

  • Take a photo including a light source
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Time Lapse
  • Partial Focus
  • Forced Perspective
  • Iridescence

Complete the Whole Challenge:

Check out the full collection below and try them out. You can work with still photography (images/photos) or get creative and work with moving image or video too. All of the briefs here can be interpreted as moving image, as well as photography ideas.

Remember to share your photo collections with us – use the #sparksathome and we’ll be able to find them 🙂 

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