It’s Day 1 of the Summer Shoots 2019!


Join movie makers behind the scenes at the Summer Shoots movie making summer camps in Dulwich!

Today, marks the start of the Summer Shoots, movie making summer camps for ages 5-18.

The young crews have been getting to grips with some ‘dream sequence’ techniques. They’ve made lots of short movie sequences. They have also started to explore some professional crew roles around their film sets.

It’s been a fantastic first day. For inspiration, the young filmmakers have looked at examples from Toy Story 2, alongside German Expressionist films and surrealism. They’ve developed many of their own fun and imaginative dream sequences.

Studios 2 and 3 have been exploring the use of Dutch angles. Studio 4 have been working with special fx shots, shooting using greenscreen. (Later on this week, they will use chroma key and super-composition techniques to create surreal masterpieces.)

Over the rest of the week, the young filmmakers will produce their movies. They will shoot through all their scenes. They will act, direct, crew and edit their productions. At the end of the week, we’ll share their work with family and friends in a fun sharing presentation.

Tomorrow, the young crews will enter the ‘pre-production’ phase of filmmaking. They will devise their storylines and write scripts for their scenes. Along with casting and production design, they will prepare storyboards and choose their locations. By the afternoon, they will be ready to begin filming!

Thank you to all the crew members for such imagination today, as well as lots of energy, positivity and focus. It’s been a fantastic start to the Summer Shoots and we can’t wait to get stuck back in to all the movie making tomorrow! 🙂