This week, young movie makers taking part in the Summer Shoots in Highgate are making their own unique movie productions. Over five days, the young movie makers will devise their stories, shoot their scenes, give their best onscreen performances and edit their way to movie making success.


Between takes, we caught up with some of the movie makers taking part and got their insights on the process.


So far, they have been practising their different crew roles. They have been exploring different shot types, as well as some editing techniques. So far, they have worked on several short sequences and are now ready to start work on their main productions.


Throughout Thursday and Friday, they will shoot the majority of their footage. They will work to a storyboard put together by directors earlier on in the week, each taking a sequence. As well as taking on all the crew roles, such as camera operator, director and production crew, editor and they will also star in all the onscreen roles too.


We’ll be catching up with them later on in the week to find out more about their progress. Good luck movie makers… We can’t wait to see your final productions!

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