The Sparks Walthamstow filmmakers were very busy over October half-term taking part in the Curse of the Forbidden Tomb project.

Our filmmakers devised ideas for their production, which they called ‘The Curse of the Queen’s Treasure’. The crew had tons of fantastic ideas in development. They worked together to script and storyboard. They also made key props and costumes, including some fun traps for their set.

Location scouts sourced great set locations at our lovely venue. They weren’t going to be put off by the rain – cue the green screen and traps 1 and 2!

The team shared acting roles, direction and operating the camera. They had fantastic support fromgreat assistant directors and production crew, who helped to make sure each scene was professionally shot. Importantly, everyone got a turn at the different production roles to ensure a fun, creative experience all round.

Through their fantastic teamwork, the Sparks Walthamstow crew put their ideas into action.

All that’s left to ask before we watch their film is… will they make it through the spike traps, the pit of snakes or the maths maze to succeed in their quest of securing the Queen’s treasure? Or, can they escape the curse before the temple crumbles around them?!