Sparks Scholarships

Apply for a Sparks Film Class Scholarship

Sparks offers discretionary scholarships to take part in Sparks film classes.

Full and partial scholarships are available, awarded based on both film making merit and means-testing.

To apply, please take a look over the application criteria below and submit your application for consideration. Applications are considered year-round on a rolling basis.

Application Criteria:

Young filmmakers applying for a scholarship should submit:

1. A short video (under 2 mins) on the theme of Imagination

2. An explanation of how they have produced their video and developed their ideas.

Our panel will look for potential, rather than perfection. They will look out for creativity and originality, visual flair or character and a sense of style, as well as an interesting explanation of the production process.

Scholarships are currently available for children aged between 7 and 14.

Filmmakers awarded scholarships must be able to attend classes on Saturdays during term time, and be able to attend 80% of all scheduled classes. Please do not apply if you cannot attend at least 80% of scheduled classes during term time.

Video entries must be produced solely by the child applying. We will not consider any applications that demonstrate or suggest adult involvement in the production (aside from acting by adults within the video). This includes editing.

All videos must have the permission of those featured to appear within the video (or parental permission for anyone featured who is under 18)

Videos must be suitable for viewing by an audience of under 12 years of age – applications featuring any graphic violence, scenes of a sexual nature, explicit language or any other inappropriate content will not be considered.

Please see also our Terms and Conditions below.

Scholarship Terms & Conditions

Scholarships are places funded in full or in part by Sparks Film and Media Arts.

Scholarships are for term time weekly classes only and are available at participating locations, with a limited number of full and partial scholarships available. We do not offer scholarships for our holiday camp programmes.

Scholarships are valid for one academic year and are non-transferrable. Scholarships may be renewed annually.

Entry is currently for children aged between 7 and 14, this may be reviewed periodically. Scholarships will not be awarded to children outside of this age range.

Please be aware that your application does not guarantee a scholarship, your application will be considered in relation to others and scholarships applications are competitive. Applications will be assessed based on filmmaking merit (demonstrating potential, not perfection) and also via means-testing.

If shortlisted, further information regarding family finances will be requested as part of the application process. Our scholarships are designed to widen participation and provide film making training to children who would otherwise not have access to this kind of opportunity, please be aware it is unlikely that scholarships will be awarded to households with high incomes.

Video submissions must be the clear work of the child applying. Any videos that demonstrate or suggest adult involvement behind the camera, or in post-production will not be considered. Acting roles performed by adults are accepted and adults appearing on screen will not be considered as part of the selection process.

All videos must have the permission of those featured to participate within the video filming, including parental permission for those under 18.

Videos must not contain any inappropriate content, language or representations. All video submissions must be viewable by children under the age of 12. Any videos will inappropriate content will not be considered.

Any child who is offered a scholarship has a period of 7 days to accept, or the offer will be withdrawn and reallocated to another child.

Applications are considered on a rolling basis year-round. If you do not hear from us immediately, your application will be automatically entered for the next opportunity.

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