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Welcome to Sparks

Film Schools for Kids & Teenagers

We’re passionate about potential.

Our film school for kids and teenagers offer engaging filmmaking and media classes for filmmakers age 5-18.

Our filmmaking and media activities help to develop creative talents and skills, both on and off camera.

We’re proud to support young filmmakers to gain confidence, skills and creativity.

Inspiring Young Filmmakers Since 2010 

With over 10 years experience and over 20 film schools around the UK, Sparks is the UK’s leading provider of filmmaking and media training for children and young people. 

We strive to unlock creative talent and to build confidence in young filmmakers. 

Through filmmaking and media, we inspire and empower the creators of tomorrow to take bold steps towards their futures.

We pride ourselves on our unique, engaging approach that prioritises building valuable, real-life skills and celebrates individuality.

Our students have gone on to win film festivals and screen their work around the world. Some have gone on to professional acting work for film, TV and stage, as well as entry to top universities and film schools to further their filmmaking training. 

“The perfect place for any young person with the first spark of a love for film, a fully-fledged passion, or who just wants to express themselves creatively.

My son has relished every second he’s been going, and while it’s embarrassing to be jealous of your own child, on this occasion I have to admit that I am.”

Danny Leigh

Parent & Film Critic

Sparks Filmmaking Classes for Kids

In Sparks filmmaking classes, young filmmakers learn about every aspect of making a film.  

Sparks crew members develop skills as directors, cinematographers, actors, production crew, editors and even more. 

Each term, they work on their own productions, growing in confidence and creativity. 

Sparks Film Schools for Teenagers

Half Term Clubs & Holiday Courses

Discover Sparks filmmaking half term courses and summer camps for young filmmakers.

Take part in inspirational and creative film workshops to experience the joy of filmmaking.

Learn new skills, meet new friends and fill your portfolio with movies to be proud of.

Filmmaking courses and camps during half terms and summer holidays…

Enter the BFI’s See Yourself on Screen Competition

See Yourself on Screen Competition:   Our friends at the BFI are inviting children and young people (ages 4-18) to pitch their own TV show. Entries will be considered for a chance to win a unique broadcast slot on national TV...   "Once-in-a-lifetime...

Happy World Book Day

Happy World Book Day! Here at Sparks, we’re big believers in the value of storytelling. We love World Book Day.  One of the things we love most is the opportunity for children to immerse themselves in their favourite stories. It helps to feel close to favourite...

Movie Making Projects: Practise Your Photography Skills

Practise Your Photography Skills Here, we're sharing some activities designed to boost photography skills. These tips and exercises will help young movie makers (or young photographers) to capture images with great visual style.  These activities are quick and easy to...

Movie Making Project: Friends from the Future

Make a Solo Movie using Shot-Reverse-Shot   Take a look at our free project guide for young movie makers. This project is ideal for making movies at home, without a big cast, or the need for a crew. It explores a technique called 'shot-reverse-shot' to build a...

Movie Making – Our A to Z of Must-Know Movie Making Terms

Interested in movie making? Here, we take you through our A-Z of must-know movie making terms in a movie making crash course.  How many do you know? Where are you expert level and where can you boost your knowledge?  A is for Acting Acting performances are vital to a...

Movie Making Project: Make Some Noise

Explore How to Use Sound Creatively in Your Filmmaking   This filmmaking project is all about using sound creatively. It's for young movie makers who want to explore using different sound techniques in their work. You'll discover the different types of sound you...

Movie Making Projects: One-Take Scary Movies

We've got a brand new movie making project to try out! This half term, we'd love to see you make some single take wonders! This challenge is all about producing a great video in just one long take - no cutting and no fixes in post-production.  Take a look below for...

Movie Making Projects: Shots in Motion

Practise your camera skills!   Take a look at our free project guide for young movie makers. You'll discover the different types of moving shots you can use for storytelling. Perfect your panning shots to show off your scenery. Try out tracking shots for dramatic...

Complete the Lockdown Photo Challenge

Phew - Lockdown 2 is Over! If you've been following our social media posts, then you'll know we've been running a creative Photo Challenge for the last four weeks. Each day we've posted a quick photo brief. Each one offers some inspiration for taking photos and...

Movie Making Projects: We Are the World

Make a Tutorial Video about the Environment This movie making project is inspired by some of the work we're doing this term in our weekly filmmaking classes.   We're exploring environment impact as a creative inspiration. Here, we're asking young filmmakers to...